10 January 2010

How to to include FORUM on Blogger Blogs

Tutorial by Ralph Buttigieg

Many people would like to include forums on their blog. Wordpress has several plugins available but its commonly believed that bulletin board type discussions forums can not be integrated into a blogger blog. This is incorrect.

Blogger likes widgets and there are several widget based forums available like Nabble and Bravenet. What is required is to create a space on your blog for the widget to run.

Here's how to do that:

1. Create a static page using Greenlava's instructions:


The hack on the Blogger Sentral website is by far the best Pages hack for blogger. It hides the sidebars and creates a large post box to drop a widget into.

2. Go to a widget based forum site ( I used www.nabble.com) and setup your forums. Copy the embedded code.

3. Go to Blogger and start a new post. Past code into the HTML box. Then add the static label to convert the post into a page and save.

4. View to make sure it works OK , then link to the page from your home page. Its done! See my website for an example:


If you have any question feel free to post a comment.


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