22 August 2010

LinkWithin Widget (Related posts) for Blogger/Wordpres/Typepad.

Bloggers and readers always like related posts of articles they like. With this information and widget, our blog becomes more interesting and informational. And that way, we inrease the popularity of our blog and we can drive more traffic to it. Kaj pa če bi obstajala funkcija oz. widget, ki bi te objave poiskal samodejno ter jih predstavil s sliko? Seveda, to bi bilo super. In na srečo tak widget tudi obstaja. It's called LinkWithin. It work on many blogging services, such as Blogger, Wordpres, TypePad and some others. All you have to do is add this widget to your blog. It's free and easy to install. I wrote quick and simple guide how to do this!

Live Demo of this Widget

How to add LinkWithin widget to your Blogger blog? It's easy and simple!

1. Sign in to Blogger.

2. Go to http://www.linkwithin.com/learn.

3. Enter the link of your blog, your e-mail adress and the service you use for blogging (Blogger, Wordpress, Typad). Choose how many related posts do you want your new widget to show (width). If your blog has a dark background than click on the option "My blog has light text on a dark background". To finish the widget creation click on the Get Widget button.

4. A new window will open, titled "Install Widget on ...". Click on Install Widget. Now the program asks you where to install this new widget. Choose your website or blog and click Add Widget.

5. And now just add this widget to the template (design) of your Blogger blog. In my case it's at the bottom of the template (look at the picture below!).

All done!


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