19 September 2010

4 Sharing And Bookmarking Widgets For Blogger

Social bookmarking is now a very important factor when it comes to your blog optimization, because it can give you a lot of back links, and you need to make it easy to your visitors to share and bookmark your blog posts.
So here is the list of the best 4 sharing and bookmarking widgets for blogger users. And there is a description of each one that will tell you the cons and pros for each one.

1. AddtoAny


  • More than 120 bookmarking sites
  • User Can search for a specific service
  • Allow users to send your page for a friend via email.
  • Allow users to bookmark your blog posts into their browser
  • Very Customizable.

2. AddThis


  • Smartest sharing tool ever.
  • Largest collection of services, and growing. 170+ services
  • Automatically translated in over 50 languages.
  • Customize the colors and menu
  • Track how your users are sharing with analytics.

3. ShareThis


  • Only 45 services
  • Customize Able
  • English language only.
  • You can register and import your friends mail addresses to send them news easily.

4. Share The Love

  • 18 services
  • JQuery Expanding system


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