12 September 2010

Article Submitter

Submit your website to 4500+ directories, 500+ article directories and 200 feed sites!

One of the best programs for driving traffic to your blog adn save your time for blog promotion!
This is the official description of Article Submitter from their website. Read this description below and download demo! Try it, it's really easy and very effective!

Article Submitter

◊ Do you spend all of your time going to article directories to submit your content? Are you frustrated by sites rejecting your content because it's not formatted using their specific, confusing rules? Article Submitter could be the solution you need.

◊ Save time by submitting properly formatted content to over 500 article directories using Article Submitter. Our tool offers semi-automatic submission to the most current list of article directories, allowing you focus on writing content, not submitting it.

◊ One of the best ways to market your website is to write articles and submit them to various websites and article directories. These articles can bring a lot of traffic to your website, if written in an informative or entertaining manner. The article submission process (posting your articles to article directories) is definitely a laborious and time consuming task. Article Submitter simplifies the article submission process to save you time.

With the growing number of article directories, you can easily spend more time editing your original article (to post unique versions to each directory for the best effect) and filling out article directory forms than you spend actually writing your article. Our software automates article submission process for you.

Our Article Submitter can do all of the manual and monotonous jobs for you. With a click of a button it can submit your article to more than 500 article directories in a matter of hours. It’s as simple as that. With this software you can focus more on your core task: writing articles.

Article Submitter can assist your article marketing efforts in the following ways:

◊ Offers easy submission of your content to multiple article directories
◊ No more hand-editing to meet different guidelines
◊ Always have an up-to-date list of article directories
◊ Save time by automating all phases of submission
◊ Lets you focus on writing content rather than submitting it

With Article Submitter you can easily submit your content to over 500 article directories. With the click of a button, the software starts publishing your content. You won't even have to get on the Web, submissions are all automatically done in the background, while you get back to the work of writing additional articles.

Many article directories have guidelines that must be met before they accept your content. Some are hard to understand and some even conflict with others. With Article Submitter, you won't have to worry about any of this. Conversions are handled automatically.

There are many article directories on the Web with more created every day. Keeping track of all of them is more than one person can handle. Article Submitter takes care of this for you. It automatically updates its list of directories.

It could take days, or even weeks, to go to all of the directories and submit your content by hand. With the Article Submitter software, you can get it done in hours. The automated process doesn't even require your attention once you start the submission process.

With all of the time and frustration you will save using Article Submitter, you can get down to your real goal of writing new content. The more time you save, the more content you can create and the more article marketing benefits you will receive.

Watch a complete article submission demo!

Screenshot of the program at work


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