03 October 2011

10 Most Important Blogger Gadgets

Blogger is a great free blogging platform because it offers a wide selection of really useful gadgets for bloggers to use on their blogs. With these gadgets you can improve your blog, make your blog more user friendly, easier to browse and more attractive to visitors and future readers. Blogger gadgets will bring your blog to a whole new level and improve your blogging experience.

When you create a new Blogger blog you already have some basic gadgets installed on your new blog. These gadgets are Archives, Followers Box and Author Profile. Surely nice and cool feature for your new Blogger blog. But there are plenty more great Blogger gadgets that are more useful than these three gadgets installed by default on all Blogger blogs. And in this article I want to present to you my list of 10 Most Important Blogger Gadgets that every owner of a Blogger blog should use and install.

1. Google AdSense
2. Popular Post
3. HTML/Javascript
4. Amazon Associates
5. Pages
6. Subscription Links
7. AddThis Sharing Gadget
8.  Search Box
9. Support my Blog
10. Picture

I hope you will try some of these gadgets on your own blogs and see how they perform for you. If you want to find a lot more Blogger gadgets and widgets go to Blogger Gadgets Archive in your Blogger dashboard.


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