01 October 2011

New features are coming to Highway to Blogger!

Hello Blogger fans and followers of this blog.

This blog has not been updated for a long time and I know that this is now really cool :) And therefore I am making some changes to this blog and I promise that I will pay more attention to it in the future. This blog still gets many visits every day and it actually generate some revenue so it will be a really wise decision to update this blog more often, add new cool features and pay more attention to it. I can increase my earnings and you can get more awesome and helpful articles that will surely help you with your Blogger experience.

I changed the template back to the default Blogger template because I'm working on my own template that will be published on this blog sometime today. I will add some cool features, sharing plugins and I will publish some very interesting and helpful articles that I've written for this blog and are waiting on my desktop.

I hope you will like the new layout of this blog and you'll follow this blog in the future :)

T.H. from Highway to Blogger


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